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cBEYONData is committed to industry excellence and aims to educate other in the analytics and business intelligence arena. Please check out our different webinars to gain valuable insight on the latest developments in our industry.


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CFO BAS: Improve and Automate Your Spend Management

Join cBEYONData and SAP for a webcast as they present CFO Control Tower. This solution was designed to help federal agencies automate the entire management process, improve communication, and eliminate errors that occur when multiple people are working with the same data.

Managing federal planning, budgeting, and spend management is a critical requirement of federal government agencies. Most agencies are currently operating with manual tracking methods, primarily with Microsoft Excel or Access.

During this webcast, attendees will learn how:
  • The CFO BAS solution provides significant flexibility and support
  • Using spread capability, users can take the budget using last year’s spend or current year plan as a driver
  • To build a zero-based budget using salary data from the HR module

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cBEYONData Webcast

SAP Platform and Analytics with cBEYONData's Solution

The Cloud and Digital Transformation of the US Government is well underway to meet the latest Audit Readiness and Data Act requirements. Join our webinar to learn how specific US Government organizations are being assisted. We will be covering the following topics:
  • The Cloud and Digital Transformation of the US Government is well underway to meet the latest Audit Readiness and DATA Act requirements
  • Secure, FedRAMP Certified to exceed critical requirements needed for ever changing workloads
  • cBEYONData – Enhances Federal financial reporting for ERP system
  • The cBEYONData CFO Control Tower tool kit uses the SAP HANA Platform and Business Intelligence (on Prem or in a secure Cloud)
  • cBEYONData, a Women Owned Small Business, specializes in financial reporting. Offering services and solutions to the Federal Government
  • How using the SAP HANA (in-memory) Platform and Business Intelligence for real-time big data processing, provides the Government with easy to consume analytics for making better decisions for their SAP and Non-SAP ERP needs

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SAP Webcast

CFO Control Tower Tool Kit

cBEYONData showcased how they assist customers by enhancing their financial systems as well as maintaining their internal and external compliance. Their solution produces correct output on time, every time!
This webcast covered:
  • The CFO Control Tower, which runs on top of your financial system(s) and becomes a single source for your data and decisions. Our solution provides early and accurate alerts without manual intervention
  • Examples of over 100 pre-built financial, procurement, budget, and other standard agency reports
  • How cBEYONData’s mix of government accounting and technology experience has enabled the cross-identification of system routines used to gather, cleanse, store, and analyze your data for reporting purposes (such as GTAS & the DATA Act)
  • How cBEYONData has helped other agencies solve their reporting challenges with automated reconciliation and file comparisons, including automated alerts for real-time and proactive data correction

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SAP Webcast

Enhance your Financial Systems and External Reporting with the use of our CFO Control Tower Toolkit

Attendees of this webcast were able to see how the CFO Control Tower enabled them to quickly and effectively provide meaningful and diagnostic information through the use of these pre-built components:
  • Over 100 pre-built financial, procurement, budget, and other standard Agency reports
  • More than 20 pre-built analytics, including an Open Obligation Dashboard and Status of Funds analysis tools
  • 10 Metadata Layers (universes) used to analyze complex multiple financial databases in a single view
  • Pre-built Data Models (for SAP Hana, Oracle and RedShift) used to aggregate all disparate data
  • System routines to gather, cleanse, store, and analyze data for GTAS and DATA Act Reporting
  • Pre-built data extraction routines  for Momentum, FPDSNG, USA Spending, and NFC data

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