Robotic Process Automation

What is Robotic Process Automation?

Robotic process automation (RPA) is the use of software with machine learning capabilities to handle high-volume, repeatable tasks that previously required humans to perform.

Do you need RPA for your Organization?

Do you have everyday processes and tasks that are time-consuming, repetitive, and take away time from focusing on more meaningful work? Robotic Process Automation gives your agency or organization a way to increase productivity and allow your team(s) to switch their focus to more thought-provoking tasks.  RPA solutions eliminate human data-entry errors that can cause increased processing times, ensure compliance of processes, and improve the accuracy of your data. Once the RPA software has been trained to capture and interpret the actions of specific processes in existing software applications, it can then manipulate data, trigger responses, initiate new actions, and communicate with other systems autonomously.

How Can RPA Help?

How Do Our Customers Benefit?

cBEYONData is building RPA Solutions for multiple federal agencies that transform and streamline workflow and are tailored to users’ specific needs while making better use of the existing technology. Our approach starts with a careful step by step business assessment before technical Robotic Process Automation (RPA or Bot) development work is started, which includes meeting all security standards required within your agency. Our process is collaborative with our customers and allows organizations to automate functions at a fraction of the cost. RPA is non-intrusive in nature as it does not require changes or replacements to existing systems.

Examples of Automations “Bots”

  • Add / Update / Close User Accounts

  • Asset Capitalization

  • Assets Disposition

  • Budget Reclassification

  • Cash Reconciliations

  • Close Expired Vendor / Payee Records

  • Contract Close Outs

  • Data Act Reporting

  • High Volume Journal Entries

  • Loading the Budget

  • Obligation Close Outs

  • Reclassifying Time Sheet Entries

  • Reconciling / Reclassifying Payroll Expenses

  • TROR Analysis

  • Vendor Maintenance