Business Process Management and Automation

Are you inundated with manual processes and/or tools that only slow down your agency or organization?
cBEYONData can help.

Our team has developed Business Process Management (BPM) and automation solutions that increase service delivery and productivity, standardizes business processes, and enforces effective communication across your organization. BPM is focused on streamlining processes to make them more cost-effective, transparent and much less prone to error. All repeatable processes that take time, like transferring files, generating reports, or extracting data from unstructured sources, can be automated from one central location.

How Do Our Customers Benefit?

cBEYONData assists with your BPM implementation and support, streamlining your repeatable processes, and increasing your delivery outputs. Our team carefully selects tools and processes that benefit and elevate your agency or organization. Automated processes are a huge help when it comes to improving operational efficiency and implementing execution standards and best practices. Our services reduce the amount of manual work for end users, increases data accuracy, and ensures proper user and data security.

For one of our Department of Justice agency customers, we provide user access for their systems, automation of their processes, ensure FISMA compliance, and provide real-time auditing of their user security and data access roles.

How Can We Help?

  • Automation of your manual processes

  • BPM tool implementation and development

  • Enforce accountability and communication

  • Increase service delivery

  • Increase service quality

  • Streamline processes and increase productivity

  • Cloud based BPM tool implementation and support