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CFO Control Tower includes industry best practices for your budgeting process.  Our budgeting and spend solution (BAS) is preconfigured to meet the typical needs of Federal budgeting organizations and is designed to improve and automate a wide range of planning, forecasting, consolidation and financial reporting requirements.

CFO Control Tower

cBEYONData offers commercial off the shelf financial management solutions to our customers. The entire solution suite is known as the CFO Control Tower.

Financial Management 
& Analysis

Our solution focused on the effective management and reporting of financial execution and related mission data.

Budget & Spend

Our solution focused on budget formulation, building operational plans, and spend management as well as employee position budget management.

CFO Control Tower Video

Learn how our solution helps CFO’s with their reporting needs.

Our customers can implement any components of our solutions to meet their needs.

Financial Management & Execution

Budget Formulation

operational plan build & management

employee & position budget management

Today’s Federal CFO plays an integral role in financial and performance management.

The need for agility, speed, and performance of financial analytics and reports are critical keys to success. The need to be Agile is further heightened as external compliance reporting such as the DATA Act, Technology Business Management (TBM), and Governmentwide Treasury Account Symbol Adjusted Trial Balance System (GTAS) reporting are concurrently being implemented and are a vital part of the CFO’s responsibility.