Technology Alliances and Industry Memberships

cBEYONData is a purpose-built professional services company

that specializes in supporting mission-driven agencies and organizations with the enhancement and automation of business processes, cloud migrations and enablement, business intelligence (BI), data management, data analytics, agile project and process management, dashboards, and geo-mapping.  We bring rapid deployment of specific financial management reporting and compliance solutions to agencies and organization for the CFO Offices.  We leverage these capabilities to improve our customer’s return on investment, enabling higher success with achieving our customer’s mission. To this end, we have forged strategic alliances with other federally-focused companies that share our vision.

Our alliances with technology market leaders allow us to deliver and implement state-of-the-art business intelligence, data analytics, and business automation solutions to our customers.  cBEYONData has extensive experience with a number of technologies and products, and every solution we implement is tailored to meet the specific mission needs of our individual customers. Below are the technology market leaders with whom we have forged a special alliance agreement.


Technology Alliances