CFO Control Tower includes industry best practices for your budgeting process.  Our budgeting and spend solution (BAS) is preconfigured to meet the typical needs of Federal budgeting organizations and is designed to improve and automate a wide range of planning, forecasting, consolidation and financial reporting requirements.


Budgeting and Execution Performed the Right Way

The BAS interactive, performance and execution dashboard, empowers users at all levels to quickly visualize and monitor the performance of their organization and be able to quickly drill down any variances to explore the details of the variance.

SAP Poolside: “Dive into the data.”

Is planning, budgeting and meeting all the Treasury/OMB initiatives (DATA Act, GTAS, etc.) keeping you up at night? Give us 50 mins and we’ll give you back night after night of the healthy, restful sleep you miss so much. Audience URL

Traditional Approach

  • Not an application – screens, forms, and calculations are manually created

  • No automatic integration from sheet to sheet or book to book

  • Likely contains calculation errors

  • Mostly undocumented and unsecured

  • Difficulty with version control, especially when budget preparation is decentralized with multiple layers of inputs

  • Difficult to enforce data integrity between multiple versions

  • Manually required to build charts and tables

  • Minimal ability to integrate process flows and approvals

CFO Control Tower Approach

  • Out of the box input templates, reports, logic, and process flows that support the Federal budgeting process

  • Fully integrated and easily rolls up detail to summary

  • Fully tested to ensure accuracy

  • User and data security out of the box

  • Professional documentation included

  • Pre-built reports and dashboards

  • Centralized database enables historical integration and user security

  • Full support for multiple versions, top-down and bottom-up budgeting

  • Integration with financial systems for accurate reporting and tracking of actual spending compared to budget


Helping CFO’s with Their Budget and Spend Needs

Save time, save money. Our budgeting solution is preconfigured with templates, process flows, input screens and Federal specific data (grades, step, locality, spending codes) which allows Federal government organizations to focus on the gaps, rather than developing a solution from scratch.

cBEYONData’s CFO Control Tower includes all of our components, content and collateral.  

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