Data Warehouse, Data Integration and Management

Federal agencies and organizations are looking for a simplified yet scalable approach to managing their most critical data. Older data management approaches where information is inefficiently replicated across redundant storage types and locations that offer little to no visibility are no longer sustainable.

cBEYONData’s approach to data integration and management is to ensure your data is inspected, accurate, cleansed, integrated and secure to prevent quality and  redundancy issues during functional reporting and analysis. cBEYONData believes data governance and stewardship is vital to ensure that your data is cleansed and ready to integrate into new systems. cBEYONData provides a holistic solution to our customers for data governance and stewardship initiatives that utilizes best practices and lessons learned, leveraging our people’s 20+ years of experience improving and elevating our customer’s environments.

How Do Our Customers Benefit?

Our data integration and management solutions are accomplished by utilizing leading technology software and customized cloud-solutions with an agile based-approach preferred today by numerous federal agencies and organizations. We provide cost-effective, time-sensitive and professional best-in-class data management services which includes multi-system data integration, data conversion, and data quality services. cBEYONData has the expertise and the experienced personnel to handle data integration and management projects of any scale and of any kind.

Big Data

To manage large amounts of unstructured data, cBEYONData looks at data from a more holistic perspective, applying broader analytics, statistics and data mining techniques that let the data drive the correlations and resulting insight.  With such expansive, unrestructured data sets, the approaches used in understanding the data becomes closer to biology than business.

Data Security

If data is not secure, it cannot be trusted. Therefore, cBEYONData places a very high priority on solutions that keep sensitive data secure. We integrate technologies such as Single Sign On (SSO) to reduce the burden of needing to remember multiple log in User IDs and passwords.  We also help our customers manage the authority to operate ATO process, leveraging our experience meeting Federal security requirements.

Data Warehouse & Data Lake

cBEYONData works with our customers to determine the type of data solution is a best fit for each specific environment. In many cases, a Warehouse with structured and organized data is a huge benefit, as it allows users to more easily find and analyze data. However, creating and maintaining a Warehouse can require significant management, and in some cases a Data Lake is more appropriate because it reduces the upfront costs of data ingestion. The data in a Data Lake is more difficult to analyze because it isn’t structured. cBEYONData provides data experts, and we help our customers identify and analyze data in a Lake, providing high value results even when the data is not structured for ease of reporting.  Creating an Informed Data Lake is another approach we take to resolve the challenges that arise from trying to analyze large amounts of unstructured data in a Lake. We utilize industry standard tools to create dynamic ontology mappings and auto-generated conceptual models, unifying common use cases and improving analytic capabilities.

Data Wrangling

Data wrangling is the process of converting manually a raw format into another one, allowing thereby an easier and more convenient consumption of the data. This is very time-consuming step of cleaning data that is necessary in any data analysis. The process follows three steps: data extraction, data wrangling, and finally collection of the results that will be used in the future.

Machine Learning

As our customers explore automation solutions, cBEYONData helps implement computing applications that access data and begin to learn and adapt from it with out human interference.

Metadata Management

cBEYONData establishes a process and governance framework, for creating, controlling, enhancing, attributing, defining, and managing a metadata schema, model or other structured aggregation system, either independently or within a repository and the associated supporting processes.

Single Point of Truth

In our solutions, we structure information models and associated data schemas such that every data element is stored once, resulting in a Single Point of Truth environment.  Links to the data elements  (possibly in other areas of the relational schema or even in distant federated databases) are by reference only.    Because all other  locations of the data just refer back to the primary “source of truth” location, updates to the data element in the primary location propagate to the entire system without the possibility of a duplicate value somewhere being forgotten.

Our data services enable agencies and organizations to transform and improve their data through the use of advanced integration and master data management techniques which provides superior governance and control. The cBEYONData team works with our customers to design and implement tailored data integration and management services that suit the needs for their environment. We engage in design and planning sessions from day one and continue refining our data services through project close to ensure customer satisfaction.

How Can We Help?

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