Federal Compliance Reporting & Audit Support

Federal Compliance Reporting and Audit Support

Federal regulations affecting financial audits and reporting grow increasingly rigorous and the need for credible auditing has never been greater. Now more than ever, an agency/organization’s CFO needs support with their audit and financial reporting.

cBEYONData supports the agency/organization’s CFO with meeting complex financial, budget, performance and compliance reporting requirements while helping to ensure the agency/organization is providing accessible and transparent financial information.  We specialize in the data security, data integration, data quality, analytics, and reporting an agency needs in order to meet their Government-wide Treasury Account Symbol Adjusted Trial Balance System (GTAS), Technology Business Management (TBM), and Digital Accountability Transparency Act (DATA Act) compliance requirements.

How Do Our Customers Benefit?

We can work with your existing financial management information systems to integrate data from multiple sources to provide a holistic view of your finance and program information.

cBEYONData customers utilize our CFO Control Tower for GTAS, TBM, and DATA Act reporting compliance. cBEYONData’s CFO Control Tower is a scalable toolkit of on-demand solutions that enhances financial systems to ensure the CFO can immediately, reliably, and accurately meet compliance requirements for internal and external financial reporting. For more information on our CFO Control Tower, click here.

How Can We Help?

Our team works to improve, not just automate, your financial and budget information systems. Using our past experiences, cBEYONData helps customers understand their current state, both in technology and process, as well as access to data.

  • DATA Act compliance

  • GTAS reporting

  • Account recertification

  • TBM

  • Audit readiness support