Agile Operations/DEVOPS

In today’s world, federal agencies and organizations need fast, successful business solutions that work. Using agile to develop concepts and solutions to improve our customer’s mission is cBEYONData’s biggest priority.

Our methodology for our agile approach is derived from our customer and project experience, understanding that our customers need an approach that is flexible enough to adapt to their individual environments. The cBEYONData team has years of experience using Scrum and Kanban Agile concepts for our customers. We will work with you to develop a tailor-made agile solution that is customized to your environment to meet your mission needs.

How Do Our Customers Benefit?

cBEYONData uses a refined agile approach based on a scrum framework. Our agile approach is to utilize flexible and iterative cycles to continuously improve. We know that the fundamentals of agile development are meant to be used as building blocks, not strict rules that limit innovation. Each business application and operational system are different. Therefore, we customize our agile methodology for developing and maintaining the technical infrastructure to meet the specific mission needs of our customers. Benefits of our agile approach are:

Continuous Customer Collaboration: Our method ensures that the customer comes first. We consider our customers active team members who are engaged in each iteration and review. This ensures the customer is always aware of progress, the direction of system development, and allows a quick resolution of any issues that arise.

Continuous Deployment: With Continuous Deployment, our customers are able to bypass the human intervention: the release is automatic and is only stopped by a failed test in the integration. Continuous Deployment relieves the teams from stress as the “release day” no longer takes place. Developers can focus more on building their software and witness their efforts at work literally just minutes after they are finished.

Cross-functional Teams: Our team members are collaborative and engaged in each step of the process, not just focusing on their own piece of the pie. Our team works together to carry out all aspects of our agile methodology and interact with each other to resolve issues. This improves productivity, increases motivation, and every team member has a clear responsibility and accountability within their environment.

Adaptive to Change: Our agile methodology embraces change, whether customer environment or scope. Scope and project scheduling are reviewed at each sprint, allowing our teams to adjust as necessary. This improves system design and refactors changes when it happens, not at the end.

How Can We Help?

  • Development and Operations (DEVOPS) implementation and support

  • Sustainability of operations

  • Agile coaching programs

  • Agile process management platform(s) implementation and support

  • Assessment of architecture

  • Enterprise transformation

  • Business Process Improvement (BPI) organizational change management