The federal government has long been looking for ways to improve efficiency and provide better outcomes for the taxpayer. While there is no silver bullet, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) comes very close.

Interestingly, the federal financial management (FM) community is leading the way in adopting RPA to improve the efficiency of back-office operations. It may be because FM processes are often very repetitive which makes RPA a great fit, but they are the driving force behind much of the RPA push in the federal government. Led by Michael Huffman of cBEYONData, the members of the Association of Government Accountants (AGA) recognized this phenomenon and decided to study the adoption of RPA within the federal FM community.

The results of our study have been recently published in a paper that is available on the AGA website. We found that while the FM community are early adopters, there is a very exciting path forward and significant automation opportunities still to come. Will it result in massive transformation? Time will tell, but those we interviewed are excited and ready to find out. So are we!

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