Robotic Process
Automation (RPA)

cBEYONData leverages this low-code technology to enable the creation of automated processes that emulate the actions of a human interacting in digital systems and environments. These workflow automation tools automate through the user interface as well as back-end integrations to automate across any application accessible by a human to improve the speed, quality and consistency of processes.

cBEYONData works with our federal clients to automate mundane, repetitive, rule-based, high-volume transactional processes, allowing humans to re-allocate their time to more meaningful tasks requiring thought, experience, and skill.

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We provide a wide variety of RPA services from the development of robots (bots) that automate activities, to building out an entire bot factory and center of excellence, delivering automation solutions to the entire enterprise.
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We are RPA experts, and we know that not all processes benefit from automation.
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However, many do and selecting the right processes to automate is a critical aspect of any successful RPA program. We know how to help our clients define selection criteria and processes to enable effective candidate prioritization.

Our clients see the benefits of our automation and reporting solutions working together.

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By joining the two capabilities, we provide data outputs to process owners to be leveraged in automations, centralizing data in a single workflow.
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For example, our burn rate reports automatically provide users with information on contract spending, and later feeds into contract closeout and amendment automations.

Our solutions transform and streamline organizational workflows and processes. This approach creates the best returns for our clients and eliminates process delays and human data-entry errors.

Our approach starts

with an initial business assessment and process walkthrough to determine the feasibility of a potential automation based on the complexity, level of effort, and the return on investment. The factors considered include:

Data Inputs

- What type of data are required and are the inputs standard, or do they vary?
- Is reading scanned images, handwritten documents, or free form text required?

Process Size

- The number of employees needed and the number of transactions in the process.
- The frequency of process execution and the number of steps in the process.

Process Stability

- Is the process manual, repetitive, or rule-based?
- Are there quality checks in the process?

IT Environment

- What technology is used and what are the system constraints?
- Are steps in the process already automated? If yes, what tools are used?

Design and Development

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If the candidate process passes these criteria, we perform a detailed, step-by-step process walkthrough to gather detailed requirements.
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Then we collaborate with our clients to craft a tailored solution design that not only meets their organization’s business needs, but also identifies process areas that may benefit from re-engineering prior to the automation.
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The client organizations’ security standards and requirements are upheld throughout the process, including the identification and implementation of all technical requirements.

Deployment and Follow-up Support

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Our teams ensure a smooth transition through deployment and assist with post-production support as needed.
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This includes implementing updates and enhancements to the automation and providing change management support to process owners, so they feel comfortable throughout the process.

Our RPA Approach

Our RPA approach allows organizations to automate functions at a fraction of the cost while increasing productivity. This ensures better use of existing technology and more effective use of resources as federal and contractor employees switch their focus to higher value tasks.

cBEYONData’s recent successes assisting our clients with RPA include:


Built and deployed RPA automations to create nearly 1,400 contracts in a financial system. After creating 1,400 awards, we also built automations for amending and closing out those contracts at specific periods throughout the fiscal year. This automation standardized financial data, eliminated 637 hours (about 4 weeks) of data entry work, and allowed procurement staff to focus on complex procurements rather than spending time on repetitive data entry. It also established a baseline of RPA code that can be reused year after year.


Built and deployed an automation to assist a client with asset management tasks in two disparate, unconnected financial reporting systems. Our solution fully automated the deposit entry of more than 40% of assets received each year, which is approximately 2,800 transactions worth $180 million. This demonstrates that RPA can serve as a lower-code alternative when building a system-to-system interface is not possible.

Our Benefits

Key benefits of cBEYONData’s RPA offering include:

  • A proven engagement model with outcome-based delivery.
  • Reduced risk by addressing critical success factors – selecting the right processes to, including stakeholders throughout the process, and tracking performance through relevant metrics.
  • Serving as a mechanism to transmit data between systems when building a more complex interface is not feasible.
  • Substantial performance improvements including:
    • Performing processes faster than a human and with greater accuracy.
    • Allowing staff to focus on complex tasks and eliminating hours spent on necessary but less engaging tasks.
    • Ensuring compliance and standardization of processes.


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