cBEYONData is proud to announce that we will be an exhibitor at the 2017 Data Transparency Conference in Washington, D.C., on September 26th at the Renaissance Hotel. Among those attending are David Schmidtknecht, Principal, Michael Hoffman, Vice President, Patti Angelos, Business Development Consultant and Theresa Backus Dunn, Director of Marketing.

Head to their website to learn more about the 2017 Data Transparency Conference, see highlights from last years event, read the agenda and sign up to attend: Data Foundation Website

From Data Foundation:

Data Transparency 2017 is Washington’s fifth annual open data policy conference. DT2017 will bring government leaders, transparency advocates, and the technology industry together to work on the transformation of information resources from disconnected documents into open data. Last year’s open data policy conference, Data Transparency 2016, hosted the first-ever White House Open Data Innovation Summit and attracted nearly 1,200 registrants. DT2017 will focus on three aspects of the open data transformation.

First, we’ll explore government data for public good, where recent reforms, like the DATA Act, are creating new resources that will improve policymaking and bring transparency. Second, we’ll consider modernizing compliance data for efficiency and effectiveness, like Standard Business Reporting and blockchain, which are reducing costs and opening new data resources. Third, we’ll celebrate the potential of private-sector data to improve business and society. By voluntarily opening their data, private-sector organizations are discovering that they can crowd-public good.

DT2017’s Innovation Showcase will spotlight supporters of the Data Foundation, the nation’s first industry-focused open data research organization. Join us on September 26!

Data Transparency 2017 is Washington’s fifth annual open data policy conference.

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