DATA Act submissions are having agencies ask for our help to eliminate ALL ERRORS and justify any warnings.

cBEYONData is hosting a live DATA Act webinar on Wednesday July 26th @ 2:00 PM EST to share how we are helping agencies with DATA Act reporting. cBEYONData has developed tools to pull the data together and produce alerts on a DAILY basis, this provides your agency in advance exactly where you stand regarding your monthly submission.  Knowledge is powerful.

Join us to:

· Discover how cBEYONData’s mix of Government Accounting and Technology experience has enabled the cross identification of current reporting to the new submission requirements.

· See how complete the drill down capability is for audit purposes.

· Hear how cBEYONData has helped other Agencies with their challenge in reporting regarding the (Reconciliation and File Comparisons) The need to format the information and follow guidelines for the various Files: (Agencies are finding B&C are the most difficult to reconcile), this is where the cBEYONData tool shines.

Be sure to head to the Carahsoft website to register NOW!

Agencies submitting their DATA Act submissions are now:

  • Attempting to automate the file creation and submission process fully
  • Attempting to eliminate all errors and warning (in advance of creating the files)
  • Reconciling their internal systems with FPDSNG data
  • Creating a solution to ensure all data stays in sync and notifies when discovering data quality errors

cBEYONData will be hosting a live DATA Act webinar with Carahsoft to share how we are helping agencies enhance their DATA Act reporting. cBEYONData has developed tools to integrate internal and public data together, produce data quality alerts on a DAILY basis, and create fully reconciled files for submission.

Join us to:

  • Discover how cBEYONData’s mix of Government Accounting and Technology experience has enabled the cross-identification of current reporting to new submission requirements.
  • See our complete drill down capability for audit purposes.
  • Hear how cBEYONData has helped agencies with challenges in reporting regarding reconciliation and file comparisons, and the need to follow formatting guidelines for the various files (agencies are finding B&C are the most difficult to reconcile).      

We look forward to seeing you there!

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