Continuous Process

Federal organizations face many challenges today to do more with less. Growing workloads, smaller budgets, limited resources, and a retiring workforce are just a few of the challenges our clients face.

We help our clients increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their organizations through continuous process improvement.

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cBEYONData consultants excel at helping our clients optimize existing processes and leveraging new and existing technology to improve efficiency and free up resources to focus on mission critical tasks.

We employ a client centric, data driven approach to continuous process improvement.

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We embed ourselves with our clients to become part of their teams so we can fully understand their challenges and needs.
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Enables us to identify gaps in capabilities and opportunities to increase the efficiency of day-to-day operations.
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Once we identify the process improvement areas, we implement the improvements through process re-design and enterprise IT enablement.

Our approach

to continuous process improvement employs these key elements:

Focus on Mission Critical Processes

We execute a rapid analytic process to identify and prioritize the organization’s mission critical processes. Then we focus on refining and streamlining those processes to ensure the organization can accomplish the mission as efficiently as possible.

Apply Change Management to Facilitate Stakeholder Adoption

We continually engage with stakeholders to ensure they are willing to adopt new business processes. We gather their insights and feedback throughout the process to inform the changes and give them a stake in the changes.

Establish the Right Leadership Teams

Governance Boards and Program Teams are fine, but we push the idea of stakeholder engagement further. The members of the team are linked to the mission critical tasks and processes. Their focus and sense of urgency will keep everyone riveted on the most important goals.

Apply Automation to Increase Performance

Automation can significantly streamline processes by removing menial work. This enables employees to perform higher level functions while also increasing job satisfaction and employee retention.

Use Metrics to Track Performance

At cBEYONData, we focus on the principle that: you get what you inspect, not what you expect. Organizations can sustain their gains by tracking business process and IT performance metrics and continually reviewing them long after the initial improvements are realized. We establish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and implement reports and dashboards to provide timely feedback on performance.

Make Incremental Improvements

The concept of well-managed, incremental improvements is key. Many large process improvement projects fail because they try to do too much too quickly and then find they cannot manage the scope of the impacts. We mitigate this risk by focusing on making smaller but meaningful changes over time.


The benefits of a well-run continuous process improvement program include:

  • Increased stakeholder buy in and adoption.
  • Reallocation of resources to strategic needs.
  • Reduced cycle times and costs.
  • Faster return on investment.
  • Advancing the business of government by improving customer service to the American public.


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