Employee Referral Reward Program

To refer a candidate for employment to cBEYONData, you can email a candidate’s resume along with their contact information (name, email address, and phone number) and your contact information to referrals@cbeyondata.affaridev.com.

Rewards Program:

  • You will receive $200 for a candidate referral after they complete 40 continuous hours of work

  • You will receive an additional $400 reward after they complete 30 consecutive calendar days of work

  • You will receive a final $400 reward after they complete 90 consecutive calendar days of work

Referral Reward Program Rules:

  • A candidate cannot have been referred to or have been interviewed by cBEYONData in the past 12 months
  • In the event of duplicate referrals, only the first referral received will be eligible for the rewards
  • Resumes must be submitted with the consent of the candidate. cBEYONData reserves the right to verify all resumes received. Candidate resumes must include their contact information and detailed experience
  • Referred candidate must be willing to participate in cBEYONData’s screening and hiring processes (technical phone screen, in-person interview, and possible background check)
  • A referred candidate cannot be the same person making the referral
  • A qualified referral is defined as a candidate who meets requirements for open positions as listed on cBEYONData website